Vapour and Juices

E-liquid is the mixture used in an electronic cigarette, and produces a flavour, and vapours upon exhale. 
These mixtures have been known to differ between producers, yet they all contain the same ingredients, which include propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).
These solutions also include natural and artificial flavouring to create different flavours.
The percentage of PG and VG can differ depending on the liquid you are using. 
Vapour products are rapidly replacing tobacco products, as they are much less harmful to the body, and to those who encounter second hand smoke. We offer 0 mg nicotine options, for those who do not want or need nicotine.
  • Do not leave a bad smell
  • Do not stain teeth or dramatically impact oral health
  • Cost less than cigarettes
  • Provides nicotine without the carcinogens